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Denver Film Festival


Added by tiegz on 11/19/08.


It entertains. It educates. It provokes and persuades, moves and motivates. The cinema’s potential to transform as well as reflect society in all its diversity is what the Denver Film Society aims to recognize and realize. Since 1978, the DFS has worked to promote the medium as both an art form and a civic forum, developing a program that includes year-round screenings, community outreach projects and renowned special events. It is in fact the only nonprofit organization in Colorado dedicated to engaging both its members and the general public in a lifelong, life-altering relationship with and understanding of film and film culture. The twin pillars it has built on the foundation of this vision are the award-winning Starz Denver Film Festival, now in its 31st year, and the Starz FilmCenter.

In 2002, with the generous support of the Starz Entertainment Group as well as the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), the DFS opened the Starz FilmCenter, a seven-screen independent moviehouse at the Tivoli Student Union (the location reflects its educational partnership with the University of Colorado at Denver’s College of Arts and Media). From its new headquarters, the DFS is able to present a weekly-changing calendar of first-run exclusives and arthouse revivals both domestic and foreign, narrative and documentary—over 600 per year, all shown in their original language and format, without any onscreen advertising. The Starz FilmCenter also features numerous series and symposia—including DocNight (hosted by Denver Post film critic Lisa Kennedy), Tattered Cover Free Classic (hosted by Colorado Public Radio film critic Howie Movshovitz), and the GBLT-themed Cinema Q—as well as regularly scheduled filmmaker Q&As and receptions.

In addition, the DFS organizes annual festivals such as Film on the Rocks, a cinema/concert series held throughout the summer at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Which leads up to November’s flagship event: the Starz Denver Film Festival, an eleven-day roster of international screenings, red-carpet premieres and awards ceremonies—among them the prestigious Krzysztof Kieslowski Award for Best Feature Film, the Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary and the achievement-based John Cassavetes Award.


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