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New York Korean Film Festival


Added by tiegz on 11/19/08.


From Wikipedia:
"The New York Korean Film Festival was created by Korean Film Forum and Subway Cinema in 2001. From 2002 to 2003, Korean Film Forum held New York Korean Film Festival while Subway Cinema has held the New York Asian Film Festival since 2002.
The Korean Film Forum was constructed by seven Korean students, five from New York University and two from Columbia University. Original members of the 2001 are KWON Jae-Hyun, SHIM Bo-Seon, OK Hye-Ryung, CHOI Jee-Won, CHUNG Jae-Yup, JEONG Min-Ah, and NOH Kwang-Woo.
Since these members were the students who pursued their degrees, some of them left the team after they completed their degree and new comers with various backgrounds filled their positions. From 2002 to 2004, the next people joined once to organize the film festival: CHOI Bo-Yun, YANG Ji-Hyun, PARK Sueyoung, CHO Yoon-Jeong, SONG Ki-Won, Albert Lee, Mike Cho, CHOI Sung-Oh, LEE Su-Kil, KIM Min-Hyang, KIM Hye-Won, and CHOI JEONG-Hee.
From 2004 to 2005, New York Korean Film Festival has been held annually by Media Bank, which evloved from the Korean Film Forum. From 2006, Korea Society has overtaken and host the festival. The festival screens about 15 movies, chosen for their box office success but also to fit with the year's chosen theme, in Manhattan and Brooklyn."


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